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Cargo Insurance

Marine Cargo Insurance protects your cargo in the event of an accident happening in transit.

In the event of a claim, it is important that you do not sign a clean receipt but you should endorse the delivery receipt with a note of the damages or shortages.

You must also write to all possible responsible parties (freight forwarder, ship’s agent, airline, port authority) holding them responsible. This must be done immediately since the bill of lading or CMR conditions stipulate that it must be done within a time frame (usually 7 days).

Where do we come in?

Policy holders usually consider switching their insurance cover when their policies are up for renewal.

However, if you appoint us as your Insurance Broker, we can then proceed to administrating your current insurance policies and aid you with any claim you might be currently in process with.


Then, once your policy is due for renewal, we can analyse the market for quotes and advise you which cover at which price is most suitable for you!

All this at ZERO extra cost to you.

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