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10 Million people have claimed for unemployment aid in the US.

The current unprecedented situation the globe has found itself in has affected millions. The sailors go down with the boat.

The consequence of corporations having to temporarily cease operations related to human contact has led to losses of revenue in the masses, and with a multitude of businesses worldwide unable to generate revenues to keep themselves afloat due to this break-neck restriction of services, has meant that employees have been left rendered without a job or duty to report to.

In the US, the unemployment rate has spiked to a gut-wrenching 4%. 10 Million in the US have claimed for unemployment aid.

Here's a a graph from the US Labor Department showing how in just two weeks unemployment claims skyrocketed another 6.648m.

Which industries have been affected?

1 - Airlines

Airports are shut worldwide. No planes are flying anywhere except those related to parcel deliveries and repatriation flights bringing those back home. All major European and other global airlines have had to ground their planes. Pilots, Cabin Crew, Airport staff are either not working or on severely reduced hours.

2 - Tourism

Hotel room bookings have been cancelled and rooms are empty. With tourism having been grounded to an absolute standstill, hotels aren't having any bookings. Hotel staff worldwide are affected. 3 - Food & Hospitality One thing is for certain, chefs will be born thanks to this pandemic. With restaurants worldwide having been forced to close for the time being, people are having to cook at home due to the lock downs and restrictions. What's it going to be this evening? The oven-pizza or the micro-wave meal?

4 - Gyms

It comes to no surprise, gyms will of course be affected. The nature of gym-goers sharing the same equipment in generally not-the-largest spaces, it's hard to distance your self socially from anyone whilst trying to burn off last night's pizza.

How can I protect myself?

If you would like to find out how to protect yourself in the case of unemployment, be sure to chat to us to explore your options in safe-keeping your interests in such a situation.

Other honourable mentions: Gambling

Live Sports

Film & Television




Oil & Gas





Theme Park & Entertainment






Public Services

Digital Services

Real Estate

Photography & Image Related

Online Media Service Providers

Internet Service Providers

Customer Care Centres

Office Space Realtors

Mortgage - Backed Businesses




Tour Guide Services

Holiday Agents





Everyone has been affected.


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