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4 BIG ideas to help SMEs during COVID

Updated: Mar 16, 2021

Unless you've literally been living on the moon, you'd know that Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has led to major changes to daily life in Malta and Gozo.

It is also known that the situation the past year has been rather dynamic with a few policy changes here and there to how the government state the public and corporate entities should handle the situation.

So, with that in mind here are some ideas to help small - medium businesses cope during the pandemic we would like to bring forward.

1 - Staying Healthy

No, we do not mean 100 laps around your kitchen if you are working from home, or jogging to work. What we mean by healthy is hygiene, mature social-distancing from colleagues, having some employees work from home if possible.

2 - Musical Chairs

As mentioned above with working from home, some employees might love, some might hate and others might tolerate it. So, how best to handle the situation? Well, the current trend has been implementing a rotational basis / approach. That way, it's fair and the benefits of having employees work remotely and from the office is the operational efficiency is kept and there is a presence in the office if need be.

3 - Keeping An Eye Out

Being in sync and updated with the latest government press releases will help wonders as their tips are useful and also, potentially, compulsory.

4 - Keeping In Touch With Your Clients

If you are you implementing changes with the way your business operates, are your clients aware?

You should let your clients know in advance before actioning such changes. It also boosts your relationship with your customers, after all there are humans behind your business, and it's nice to remind your clients that we are in this together.


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