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5 Tips for Newly Licensed Drivers

For many teenagers, learning how to drive is practically a rite of passage, and understandably so. Having a driving license is often the key to unlocking a particular sense of freedom and the independence that comes with it.

Yet, it should come as no surprise that driving on your own will be a hell of a lot different compared to your driving lessons , especially for newly licensed drivers.

So without further ado, here are 5 tips that we'd like to encourage which will help newly licensed teens to be better, safer drivers.

1. Wear your seat belt

This first pointer is pretty obvious, yet you'd be surprised how taken for granted it may be. Whether you're going on a short trip to your nearby convenience store, or even just taking off the seat belt while parking, in any scenario, wearing your seat belt can really make the difference in the unforeseen event of an accident.

2. Keep your phone in your pockets

It should go without saying that using your mobile phone in any way while driving is illegal. That said, it's illegal for a reason. The physical, visual and cognitive distractions you undergo when using your phone while driving is enough to increase the odds of crashing tremendously.

3. Don't be tempted to speed

Hands down, speeding is the preliminary killer of young drivers. When on the road, please do keep in mind that there's absolutely no pressure to keep up with other vehicles. Keeping to the speed limit will not only keep you safe by reducing the risk of an accident, but it will also help you avoid the possibility of being fined and having your insurance affected.

4. Don't drink and drive

The subject of alcohol and drugs, especially when paired with driving, is one that is often avoided by many. And despite there being a legal limit on how much you are legally allowed to drink before you drive, having any amount of alcohol in your bloodstream will affect your driving ability. When it comes to driving, it's best to just eliminate that risk altogether by not drinking on that same occasion.

5. Check your blind spots regularly

Without a doubt, side and rear view mirrors are great at showing what's happening around you, and should be used far more often than one might think. However, in many vehicles, there are often several blind spots large enough for other drivers or pedestrians to hide in. That being said, you should definitely make it a point to not drive in someone else's blind spot either.

Now that we've dived into the crucial safety measures any newly licensed or seasoned driver should take, it's also important to note that having the right motor insurance cover can go a long way too.

Get in touch with us and we will ensure you find the best cover for the best price!


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