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6 Interesting Insurance Facts!

Insurance doesn't have to be boring.

Since the insurance industry can at times, be a little dry, here are 13 interesting insurance facts you probably didn’t know.

1 - Starbucks pays more for employee health insurance than it pays for coffee.

Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz, began a huge operation that included cutting costs by firing employees and closing stores nationwide, most of which had been open for less than two years. However, even amid the cost-cutting Schultz refused to drop health care for his employees, a line item that tallies over $300 million, which is more than the company spends on coffee.

A shareholder called Schultz and said the crisis would provide him the perfect cover to cut benefits for part-time employees, but Schultz refused.

2 - No insurance company will insure Jackie Chan’s productions.

Have you ever struggled finding an insurer to, well, insure you? It actually happens frequently. However, more interestingly, Hong Kong actor Jackie Chan, famous for his daredevil stunts, personally trains his own stuntmen and pays their medical bills out of his own pocket, because no insurer will insure the production team!

“There are so many safety and insurance rules to follow,” Chan once said in an interview on his official website."

3 - America Ferrera had her smile insured for $10,000,000.

Do you have a nice smile? Well, America Ferrera thinks she does. So much so she insured it. Yes, her whole mouth including her teeth and gums, insured by her sponsor, Aquafresh, for $10,000,000.

The policy covers “any reasonable and necessary dental treatment costs or expenses that result from accidental injury” during the term of her policy."

4 - An insurance policy actually exists for death by excessive laughter at a movie theater.

During the early 19th century, movie-goers were so scared of dying due to excessive laughter that they bought insurance. Pretty sure there's worse ways to go.

5 - The very first insurance contract was signed in 1347.

Yes, it was written and documented with a feather and ink, in Italy, in Genoa.

6 - Legendary rockstar, Gene Simmons from KISS, insured his TONGUE for $1,000,000.

The band's trademark look consisting of black and white-ish face paint was complemented by Simmon's legendary move. Sticking out his tounge.


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