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Biker Superstitions

They may not be true, but they may not be untrue, either!

Riding a motorbike brings a sense of calm and ease to your mind and body, which could be achieved otherwise only through meditation. Also, many riders refer to their bike as their therapist, as motorcycles make you feel energised and refreshed after each ride.

Almost all hobbies and passions come with their crazy, and sometimes, almost scary superstitions, even biking.

Let's run you through 4 of the biggest bike superstitions!

1 - Guardian Bells!

Does your bike need good juju? Many attempt to ward off bad juju with guardian bells. The legend goes that evil spirits try to latch onto your bike and cause mischief, mechanical failures, and crashes.

A bell on your bike will attract these spirits, then trap them inside. The constant jangling of the bell drives them insane, at which point they let go and fall harmlessly to the ground.

2 - Riding With The Pegs Down..

Another way bad spirits can hitch a ride is if your passenger foot-pegs are down, but you do not have a passenger. Spirits apparently view this as an invitation to hop on board and cause trouble. It's not clear how well a guardian bell works in this case.

3 - Green Bikes!

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's a Ninja! To summarise, some believe that green motorcycles are bad luck. (Clearly, nobody's mentioned this to Kawasaki) The belief likely goes back to World War II. Messengers and scouts often rode army motorcycles, painted green, and were often targets for snipers and sharpshooters. 

4 - Dropping A Helmet..

It's often considered bad luck to wear a helmet that's been dropped. I don't know where this superstition came from, but it's one of the few that is absolutely true. Motorcycle helmets are designed to protect you against one big hit. Either way, plastic can crack, foam can compress, and the helmet won't provide as much protection as it did before the hit. So do yourself a favour and be very careful not to drop your helmet.

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