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Keeping Your Home Safe While You’re Away

If you’re reading this blog then chances are, you are probably going on a fairly long vacation soon and wondering how to keep your home safe and secure while you’re away. Hit the nail right on the head, right? Though, it goes without saying that having something go wrong back at home while you’re on vacation is probably the worst possible timing imaginable, and the outcome could be devastating. Let’s do our best to avoid that, shall we? Here are 5 ways to keep your home safe while you’re away.

A Friend in Need

Simple yet arguably imperative, having your friend or neighbour keep an eye out while you’re way is definitely a sure-fire way of gaining some peace of mind. If you trust them enough, maybe you can even give them the spare key. Also, if you happen to have more than one person looking after your house while you’re away, you might want to tell them about each other for good measure.

Home Monitoring System

Depending on where you live, home security can be absolutely imperative to have for whilst you’re abroad, and thankfully, there are plenty of options to choose from! Whichever home security system you decide to go for, this small investment is definitely worth the peace of mind.

Home Maintenance on the Reg

Do you have anyone who regularly pays a visit to your home for maintenance purposes? Perhaps a gardener, or a family member who looks after your pets when you’re away? Keep to these schedules - those people can let you know if anything looks off.

Put Your Valuables in a Safe

It’s always best to keep your most valuable belongings in a small safe, locked up and secure. However, if keeping a safe isn’t really an option for you, try hiding your valuables in unusual places where it would be very unlikely for anyone to look.

Keep your Spare, Safe

Whether it be under your doormat, in the mailbox, or perhaps in an adjacent plant pot, many individuals find themselves keeping their spare keys in these not-so-hidden hiding spots. We urge you to do yourself a favour, and do away with that idea entirely. Perhaps keep it with a friend or relative? Either way, it would be way safer than those other spots!


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