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Professional Indemnity, For Professionals, By Professionals.

Updated: May 12, 2020

What is Professional Indemnity?

Professional Indemnity provides cover for claims brought against the policyholder due to their professional negligence.

There are three types of Professional Indemnity wordings:

•  Negligent act, negligent error or negligent omission

•  Professional liability

•  Civil liability

Negligent act, negligent error or negligent omission

This indemnifies the policyholder against loss/circumstances incurred only as a result of their negligent act, negligent error or negligent omission in carrying out the policyholders business.

Professional liability

Professionals that operate their own businesses need professional liability insurance in addition to an in-home business or business owners policy. This protects them against financial losses from lawsuits filed against them by their clients.

Civil liability

Some PI policies go further than the standard cover and provide indemnity ‘for any civil liability’. This covers such areas as breach of contract, libel and slander. (Some standard cover policies may also include libel and slander as extensions to the policy wordings if required.)

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