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Third Party Insurance, is it worth the risk?

Updated: Nov 17, 2019

It all depends on you!

Third Party Insurance policies can be the most suitable cover for drivers who are more likely to claim for damages they cause when driving. Going with the Third Party route when choosing a particular Motor Insurance is ideal for drivers who can afford to pay for the repairs of their own car without having the need to claim on their insurance.

Here are 3 things we think you should consider when deciding whether to opt for a Third Party or Fully Comprehensive cover.

1 - What do you drive?

It comes down to YOU to declare the insured value of your car. If you can afford to pay for the damages of your car, Third Party Motor Insurance cover is probably best suited for you. High-End vehicles are generally more costly to fix when accidents occur, so if your vehicle's value is relatively high and repairs might be more expensive, being fully protected might be your best option. Get a Fully Comprehensive Motor Insurance quote quickly, here.

2 - No it's not my fault, it's YOUR fault.

Accidents, they just happen. In fact in 2018, car accidents in Malta happened exactly 14,378 times.¹ That's around 39 accidents a day. You can try be as meticulous of a driver as you can, but we're all bound to make mistakes sometimes. From bumper to bumpers to really serious car accidents, how protected do you want to be? Third Party Motor Insurance usually doesn't offer the range of cover as a Fully Comprehensive policy. With a comprehensive policy, it doesn't matter who is liable for the accident, you can rest assured you will be covered.


3 - Budget.

It's fair to say a comprehensive cover is going to have a higher premium than that of a third party insurance policy. With that said, it's important to consider your budget and how much you're willing to spend on your Motor Insurance Policy. We understand that sometimes budgets need to be adhered to. If you're wanting to opt for a Third Party Insurance Policy, click the link below to grab a quick quote.

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