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Want to buy a yacht this summer?

Want to make the most of Malta's beautiful seas and thinking of purchasing a yacht this Summer? We'll take you through the main considerations you should take before embarking on the important journey.

1 - The journey, or the destination?

Obviously there are many different types of boats you could purchase. It's important to know that different boat types come with their own characteristics.

For instance, a motor yacht might come with more motor maintenance and fuel expenditure, but will get you from A-B quicker, whereas a sailing yacht will cost less for fuel but is more about enjoying the trip from A-B, as it will take a longer time to reach the destination. Ultimately, it all comes down to your requirements, preferences and boating skills.

2 - Money talks

It goes without saying, boats are more expensive to run and maintain than your average Volkswagen Golf.

Your budget for the boat, budget for maintaining the boat and budget for docking the boat is absolutely crucial for your choice of boat and needs and requirements.

Some boats cost more to maintain than others; the most basic example of this, is a larger boat will cost you more to keep at a marina. Take a good measure on how much you can afford to avoid stress down the line. 3 - Insurance talks too

You wouldn't dream of driving your car uninsured and unprotected from the unknowns that occur on a day to day basis.

Yachting can be a premium, costly pleasure. Why half-enjoy a boat going on a trip without being assured you're protected? We heard yachting stress free is the best way to do it. Speak to us for insight on Marine Insurance.


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