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What insurance do photographers need?

Being a photographer can be a great career choice, full of interesting aspects you could explore. One week you could be photographing Mdina's silent city, the next you've found yourself abroad photographic vistas you've only ever dreamt about.

Plenty of risks are associated with being a photographer.

Your equipment can get damaged, photos can get lost and you may even get clients insisting that your photos didn’t match their expectations.

This is why it’s so important to have the right type of photographer’s insurance to help keep your business protected in the face of claims!

Let's run through the 3 most important insurance a photographer should opt for:

1 - Equipment Insurance

Cameras, lenses, tripods, lights. They’re essential tools of the photography trade, and why investing in portable equipment insurance is a must. We all know high spec camera equipment doesn’t come cheap, and if an expensive item were to get damaged mid-shoot, it could be extremely costly to replace.

2 - Public Liability Insurance

If you regularly interact with the public on a daily basis, it’s only natural that you’ll want to be cautious about how that sort of continuous exposure could affect your business. Say, for example, if a guest trips over your equipment at the wedding reception and injures themselves, or if a member of your crew accidentally breaks a prop you’re using.

3 - Professional Indemnity Insurance

No matter how diligent you can be to ensure you get the right shots, there's always the risk that a client might be unhappy and complain about the work you've produced.

Whether you are dealing with a bride and groom or an events manager, you might have to end up defending your claims about your professional duty, so it goes with out saying, PI insurance, can be a crucial reputation saver.

Follow the link HERE to find out more about getting yourself covered.


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