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Why opt for an Insurance Broker?

Ah.. Insurance Brokerage, for many, a gem remaining hidden until finally discovered.

What we wanted to set out to do today, was to make the general public aware about the no-brainer-benefits to opting for an insurance policy, through an insurance broker.

It's impossible to go through all the benefits without keeping this a short-read. So, here's our top 5 reasons.

1 - Don't you just LOVE options?

Being an insurance broker, we play the vital part in saving you TIME, EFFORT and FRUSTRATION when searching for and contrasting various insurance policies. Our mission is simply getting you the best policy at the best price. We search through Malta's leading insurance providers, obtaining quotes from each.

2 - Your insurance wingman.

If you thought gathering quotes from all the insurance providers on the island was daunting, we got that covered, but it doesn't end there. No policy is the same. Some might be better suited for you than others, this could be relative to your budget, underwriting requirements and other factors. Our team's expertise is unrivalled and will guide you on what you need and want.

3 - We know our stuff.

We've been doing this for a LONG time...

Whether you’re looking for a professional insurance adviser to find optimal solutions for complex commercial needs, or whether you want peace of mind that your home and family are properly protected, we are the dedicated experts you need.

4 - When the going gets tough.

We've said it before and we'll sure say it again. Accidents happen. Quotes happen. Quotes are complicated, stressful and it's important that you have someone assist you through the ordeal. We're that someone you want.

5 - We love you!

Everything we've just said is great, but sometimes, basics are important too. We find that most of our clients find that having a relationship, a solitary contact for any claims, policy changes or advice is what they find the most enjoyable out of our services. We love getting to know our customers. We pride ourselves in offering the best possible service.


Using an insurance broker wont't cost you an extra cent! We get paid by the insurer, not you. Our service to you is completely free of charge and your policy premium DOES NOT get increased to cover our commission. That is a promise. So what are you waiting for? Grab a quote right HERE!


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