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4 Technology Trends You Need to Know

When it comes to trending technologies, the only constant here is change. As you might imagine, improving your skill sets by adapting yourself to newly emerging technologies is practically a need for the workplace nowadays.

In this short read, we'll be touching on 4 technology trends that you need to know to work in virtually any industry.

1. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Interestingly enough, AI existed before the internet was even born. Now, it's become the backbone in modern business technologies, including automation, data analytics and natural language processing. AI has become the new norm, and it can be seen everywhere, from your smartphones, to your cars, to even your home! It's pretty much become something that the world today cannot do without.

2. Virtual Reality (VR)

The concept of VR provides users with a fully immersive digital event which allows users to virtually experience things that are exceptionally close to real. Whether it is seen in video games or marketing strategies being used, things are only going to get more exciting from hereon, with new improvements consistently being being made to both hardware and programming. It's safe to say that the effects will likely be felt across almost any industry.

3. Blockchain

First of all, what is blockchain? The easiest way to describe it is as an all-encompassing technology that integrates across platforms and hardware all over the world. It is also the tech that powers certain cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Interestingly, as a technology, blockchain has the potential to be used in just about every industry.

4. Big Data

Big data is a combination of technologies that helps companies gain actionable insight which may then be implemented in their marketing strategies. As such, the notion behind big data is to be capable in managing enormous volumes of different types of data at the right speed and within the right time frame, to allow users to carry out real-time analysis of that data.

It's hard not to appreciate some of the new technological advancements seen in businesses today, especially when you consider how complex the underlying technology can be. However, you cannot undermine the risks that businesses face in the tech world either, and today, protecting yourself imperative in ensuring business continuity! Be sure to check out our article on 3 Major Benefits of Commercial Insurance.


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