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Everything you need to know about Travel Insurance

Naturally, like most other insurances, you hope that you won’t need to use it, but it is always better to be prepared in case you do find yourself in need of it. Let’s dive into everything you need to know about travel insurance.

Why buy travel insurance?

Picture this. You’re on vacation, everything is going smoothly and you’re having a blast of a time, and before you even realise, an accident may be waiting just around the corner. It could be anything - your phone falling out of your pocket into the sea, or perhaps having your wallet stolen in a busy town square. Either way, travel insurance will cover that expense for you!

What does travel insurance cover exactly?

Whether it be treatment in the event of illness or injury, theft or lost luggage, or a car breakdown whilst travelling, having the right insurance policy can cover you on all this with naught but a small excess.

What’s not covered?

In light of the above-mentioned, that’s not to say that travel insurance covers negligence. Make sure you keep your belongings safe at all times and avoid any form of reckless behaviour that might influence such events to occur.

What’s the latest date I can buy travel insurance?

Honestly, there’s no strict deadline for this. You can get travel insurance right before your departure, should you find yourself taking that last-minute decision. You can even buy travel insurance when you’re already abroad. However, we recommend that you buy travel insurance immediately after booking your flights so you don’t forget!

Going on a vacay soon and haven’t bought travel insurance yet? Get a quote now.

Is travel insurance costly?

This question boils down to how you look at it. Comparatively speaking, travel insurance does not cost very much next to the potential costs that might need to come out of your own pocket if something does happen. Though as one can expect, the longer the trip, the more you pay for travel insurance. Either way, you’re better off getting a quote and deciding from there!

Am I reimbursed for delays or cancellations?

Unfortunately, travel insurance doesn’t always cover flight delays or cancellations. However in some cases, the right policy can help you recover some of the costs you might face if your flight gets cancelled.


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