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From Origin To Destination, MAX has you covered.

Updated: Jan 18, 2020

Being an importer of any item, a marine cargo insurance policy is an imperative consideration to make to ensure the protection your goods.

A freight-forwarder might be insured for liability, however this is a commercial insurance policy which only covers if the freight forwarder is responsible for damage / loss to your shipment!

The reason you are importing goods is most likely, to sell and make and generate cash.

What you really need is a marine cargo insurance policy to insure your own goods.

Apart from protecting your interest in the cargo itself, marine cargo insurance also covers your responsibility to the ship-owner for conditions like general average, whereby cargo owners are liable for expenses incurred by the vessel to repair accidental damage whilst carrying that cargo.

Dealing with us means you’re also dealing with a broker that has tons of experience in marine insurance so your cargo and interests will always be exceptionally well protected.


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