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Making it clear. General Liability VS Public Liability Insurance

First of all, what on earth is Liability Insurance? Liability insurance provides the insured party with protection against claims resulting from injuries and damage to people and/or property. Public Liability Insurance

This cover applies strictly to injuries, accidents and property loss suffered by members of the public on your business premises. That can include customers, visitors and delivery personnel. If people don't visit your business, you may not need this type of cover. If you're a retail company, a restaurant or a financial services firm that sees clients at your office, it might be essential. Usually, the premiums public liability covers come with are less than general liability insurance, this is due to the fact the public liability covers less than general liability. General Liability Insurance

Commercial general liability costs a lot more than public liability Insurance often more than a small or even medium-sized business can afford. General liability insures a greater range of people against on-premises injuries: vendors, employees and even the business's owner. It also covers accidents arising off-premises out of the company's operations or products. That includes bodily injury and property damage both. Contact Us for help on which cover to opt for!


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